What keeps banks from “making up” money?

Written by  on October 18, 2017

There is no gold standard, no silver standard, money is simply a number in a database.

So what keeps a big bank from, for example, using one of their branches in the Cayman Islands, sending 1 million dollars to another branch say in Europe, without actually having 1 million dollars?

Nobody knows what money there is in Cayman or any other tax paradise.

Banks probably have a papal monke generator, that's what I'm sayin. If they make up a million here and a million there nobody will ever…

What keeps banks from "making up" money?

All WiFi networks are now insecure. Watch out.

Written by  on October 16, 2017

It's pretty serious. Nothing anyone can do about it. Anyone in range of any WiFi network can read everything.

BTC = U$ 5740. How many of you rode this new rocket?

Written by  on October 13, 2017

I thought of buying in at U$ 3900 just a few days ago.

How many of you did? Well I wish I had, U$ 5700 is absolutely crazy IMO.

I'm still holding onto this

So kudos for those who did jump in at $ 1xxx, the darn thing has multiplied 5X in a few months. Unheard of in any other asset.

A blast from Avast

Written by  on September 28, 2017

So, while cleaning up some of my clients spam logs, I found a major blast coming from this IP

ASN: 198605
ISP: Privax Ltd.
Organization: AVAST Software s.r.o.

If this info is correct, then someone is running blasts from within Avast. Either that or they have also been infected, like CCleaner.

Anyone have a explanation for this?