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Which Bot?

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GMT2 Templates

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What is the most reasonable and reliable source for around 3 proxies?

All sources are expensive per 1 proxy or require to buy in 10's?

What am I doing wrong?

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Good titles
Good descriptions
Good tags/keywords
I promote on reddit, and related niche forums
The content is decent, I'm not going to say great because it isn't, I'm practicing.
BUT I get barely any views and definitely no subscribers

What the hell am i doing wrong?


Requesting Advice

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I wish to start my YouTube channel based around gaming and maybe once I begin to gain a decent following transition into other things such as vlogs, challenges etc.

However I cannot get the ball rolling due to the fact that I have stuck in my head, that being that I believe no one is going to be willing to watch someone with 0 subscribers play games, for that reason I believe th content has to be unique and crazy and have something special to it.

I cannot think of anything to do within…

Requesting Advice

First Subscribers

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Hello everyone once again!

I have created a channel and uploaded my first piece of content but I am confused how to obtain my subscribers, I am stuck on 0 subscribers and 0 views! I have a good tags, channel tags, description etc so I don’t understand.

All advise is greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks

YouTube Channel Ideas

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I have been wanting to start a YT channel for longer than I can imagine, don't get me wrong I have made a few such as a GTA channel but quickly started to dislike due to the fact that it did not feel like I was creating proper content. I would not blame this on the content itself but due to the fact I was just creating humorous GTA videos just like the other ten million people doing it.

I have done a lot of research into creating a successful channel (Using VidiQ to find prime keywords and…

YouTube Channel Ideas

Porn Upload Method Help

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So I am using Adrians methods of the porn uploading but I am not getting any traffic.
I have a good domain name
Setup my crack revenue properly
I have downloaded plenty of videos and reuploaded them with a small watermark in the corner and my domain name into the title onto xvideos (videos came from xhamster)
My domain redirects to the affiliate link which is appropriate for my niche (webcams and other small bits)

Barely any people watching the videos that I uploaded and there is 0 traffic…

Porn Upload Method Help

Company Advice Needed

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As of now I have all the necessary resources including and human work force to run a construction company, I have quite a few clients. However I want to open myself up to a MUCH greater audience which will bring more customers thus more profit. I don't know where to go from here? I was thinking maybe build a website and buy a Local SEO service to rank me on page 1 so then hopefully that will be more website visits and then more clients contacting me. I need advice to make my company WAY more…

Company Advice Needed