What Is The Best Adult Dating Affiliate?

Written by  on October 19, 2017

Hey guys! I have a question. What is, in your opinion, the best dating affiliate? I am looking for high CVR mobile per lead offers. Generally the higher paying for lead offers, the better. I have seen some nice looking ones like CrakRevenue, AdultFriendFinder, and DatingGold. What has been most profitable for you guys? Thanks ✌

Would Using a Windows VM With a Linux VPS Work?

Written by  on October 13, 2017

Hey, I am looking into what VPS I want to use for bottling social media. My bots can only be used in windows. Linux servers are hugely cheaper then windows, so could I just buy a Linux and run VM? How much would this affect the performance? I would assume the base OS would need to have at least 2 gb of ram. I can buy a 8 gb ram Linux server for how much a 2gb windows server is, so even if half goes to the base OS, it'd still be worth it. Would this work?

Anyone Have a **************** VIP Account?

Written by  on October 8, 2017

I was wondering whether someone wanted to sell me their old account? On top of that, how is the service? Are the cracks any good? It seems like it would be an easy return on money if they have all the torrents they say they have. I honestly want it so I can test all bots before buying them if they are good enough.

How Many People Flip(Resell)?

Written by  on October 3, 2017

I have been flipping phones and other electronics for this past summer, and I am curious how many people do this. It is a pretty decent side project to make money. It is not like these schemes you see on here where you get $100 dollars a day EASY, but it does work lol. How many of you guys do this? What is your experience? Are you making good money? I have made around $300 dollars a month, but I feel like I can maximize it much more.

Trying Out YouTube And CPA? Here Are My 5 Tips

Written by  on September 27, 2017

I have tried out doing the youtube and cpa method that has grown pretty popular here, and thought I would share some tips I have learned. I have ranked two videos to 3rd for multiple keywords, and have spent a total of $2. I am definitely not a master on this, but here is some tips I think you will enjoy.

1 – Use
If you are making a landing page then you can use 000webhost because its FREE. The service is not going to be good, but you can get a free domain and…

Trying Out YouTube And CPA? Here Are My 5 Tips

The Best Instagram Bot For Free

Written by  on September 20, 2017

Thought I would inform anyone who does know, you can get a free good instagram bot from It has likes, follows, hashtags, and everything else you'd need. You are going to have to use the cmd prompt to use the bot, but hey, its free.