Which Hosting is better?

Written by  on November 14, 2017

I want to change my hostgator hosting, the performance isn't satisfactory. Can anybody suggest me which hostings will better in affordable price?
All of my websites are wordpress as I'm good at wordpress.

I googled, all are are same reviews, so I need opinions and suggestions from the experts here.

How can I reduce Bounce rate in WordPress websites?

Written by  on October 10, 2017

I'm getting good amount of traffic from search engines.
Contents are very good. But the bounce rate is too high.
I want to minimize it.
May I know how can I reduce the bounce rate?
Is there any wordpress plugin to help that can increase page views?
Obviously in ethical way.
I don't want to get banned by google.

Where Can I advertise Muscle Building Supplements reviews?

Written by  on October 6, 2017

I was trying to advertise my website's reviews on google. But my ads were being disapproved. Because it's saying that muscle builder or supplement are against of their rules to advertise.
I want to promote my website to US traffic only.

Can anybody suggest any?