im not gone.

Written by  on September 4, 2018

not feeling well.

Written by  on July 11, 2018

Using Proxies In The Top 5 Browsers

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walking dead 1 hr to go

Written by  on June 7, 2018

dont usually stay up this late 2am
but thank god for my modbro – walking dead am back at 2am uk time
anyone else watching .


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not sure what updates where done to bhw
but forum seems quicker
and posts when made go up faster without
the delay – seems alot better

48 TODAY / 20k TODAY / 10TH YEAR /

Written by  on December 6, 2017

48 today deserves a decent post.

1 – i don't advert my age on bhw but i also turned 48 today, or as the wife calls it,
puberty again. with luck my midlife crisis should be in about 12 yrs time, I'm one
of the lucky ones who can still pass for 30 and behave like hes half that.

2 – also hit another mile stone 20k – who would have thought it this 1 is sure to get
lambasted for it, i care not. face – bothered?

3 – hard to believe I'm now into my 10th year…

48 TODAY / 20k TODAY / 10TH YEAR /

Port scanned proxies

Written by  on November 28, 2017

Port scanned proxies

Port scanned proxies

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Steam Sale

Written by  on November 24, 2017

anyone getting anything from steam sales?

i picked up deus ex 1 – 69p deus ex 2 – 70p
deus ex mankind divided 1.94


off to the vets tomorrow

Written by  on November 7, 2017

some may remember little kitten we found 2-3 yrs ago
and we took him in, sleeps under my arm every night . pumpa – kin

my boy peed light blood in his urine today , daddy is worried
vets in the morning , hoping just a simple urine tract infection
as hes only just under 3 , wish my boy good luck.

and yes im not a people person, but for my family ill crawl a mile
over hot coal.



off to the vets tomorrow